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Trade easier — be faster. Automate all your trading management strategies in a single interface.

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Learn to manage a trading portfolio with components and cryptosystems

Online Reports

The operation of the algorithm and trading results can be observed in real time on the online platform.

Work Space

All the capabilities of the neural network are combined in a convenient interface. You just have to choose a direction and upgrade your investment portfolio.

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Artificial Intelligence

The neural network has been trained with terabytes of data over the past 8 years. The algorithm reacts to minor triggers to identify trends.

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With our product you will solve the following tasks


High accuracy

Planned manipulations in the market, trend reversals, local rebounds - all these events can be predicted by the algorithm in advance with a high degree of probability



Choose the strategy that suits you and manage the trading algorithm using a simple interface in a few clicks.



For ease of use, the algorithm generates and sends progress reports online. Tracking results just got easier.



Diversification and a large number of transactions allow you to consistently achieve planned results.

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Choose the right strategy

The platform also has the possibility of additional earnings by attracting new users of the platform. Once set up, withdraw payments instantly or deposit funds into your account within 3 business days.

Move forward
#1 $ 100 / mon
30 days
Estimated profit 30%
Accelerates up to 1-5 days after the creation of the deposit #3
#2 $ 117 / mon
30 days
Estimated profit 30%
Not subject to restructuring
#3 $ 137 / mon
30 days
Estimated profit 30%
Accelerates deposit #1

3 years in business
3,5k+ successful transactions
97% happy customers

Tools should adapt to the user, not the other way around.

A united community of mathematicians, programmers and economists who have been working on the algorithm for a long time, trained the neural network on historical data and successfully tested the trading algorithm for a year.

Access to the capabilities of the algorithm was initially only for the team that developed it. Then the question arose about scaling the process. In this connection, access is open to a small community. To start working on the platform, it is necessary to delegate deposits to the platform for trading. Denominations of deposits are correctly calculated and offered consistently to optimize the trading process. Each trading deposit can be delegated for up to 30 days.


Become part of the community of traders, investors and entrepreneurs.

Easy & fast start
Powerful team
Improve deposits and get profit
Fast transactions
Online trading results reports
Support 24/7
Safe trading strategies

The algorithm serves 10,000 deposits

A community of 10,000 people is optimal for distributing profits among participants without compromising the speed of the algorithm.

According to the forecast of this goal, but no later than May 2023, the purchase of the trading algorithm will be available. Interested community members must connect the API to their exchange account.

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Check the news and stay one step ahead
Our team

Creative mind by people like you

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Jonathan Patton

The idea of creating a self-learning algorithm appeared in 2012. And after the active development of the crypto industry, a decision was made to introduce the algorithm to the crypto market.

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Chief Marketing Officer

Adrian Dubois

Possession of more than 12 years of experience in modern companies. Adrian has a unique ability to build brand and product awareness and identify consumers in the global marketplace.

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Chief Technology Officer

Eric Peters

Extensive experience in the development of neural networks and trading algorithms. Experience in organizing team work. Has been studying cryptography since 2010.

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Chief Sales Officer

Liam Miller

Liam is a sought-after sales director. Specializes in working with clients, including corporate sales. Liam received his MBA from Southern Methodist University's Cox School of Business.